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Frequently Prescribed Medication

Methimazle 5 mg dose once or twice daily. Dosage form is usually suspension or transdermal cream.

Metronidazole 50mg dose twice daily. Dosage form usually in suspension or capsule.

Maropitant (CERENA) 4mg -16mg once daily. Dosage form usually suspension or transdermal cream.

PPA Phenylpropanolamine
25mg once daily

Exotically Prescribed Medication

Enalapril 1mg combined with Ginseng 1mg once daily. Dose form usually suspension.

25mg dose once to twice a day.
Dose form suspension.

820mg once daily for for 3-10 days
Dose Form Troche.

3mg once Daily. Dose Form

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Our E-Presribing service is Free for the standard Veterinary/Pharmacy Package. We make it easy and convienient for Vets to get their patients the medication they need in a timely fashion. Pharmacies all over America are jumping in to help.

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