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General Compounding Guidelines

The general compounding guidelines outline the basic parameters of compounding with V-Scripts. These are notes derived from the field work of compounding professionals across the United States. It is important to remember that not all active pharmaceutical ingredients/medications/chemicals are going to be limited to these specific parameters, as properties of each drug can change from chemical to chemical.

Every drug found in the RxHow Tool will have a section that will display these guidelines. This section is a simple guide for prescribers, helping to consider saturation of suspensions/treats/cream/transdermal gel as well as capsule size. Studies show compliance is improved when medication is easy to give. Capsules that are a good size for swallowing and suspensions that have a nice taste and consistency will work better.

The following is V-Scripts guide notes for suspensions, treats and capsules:

  • Aqueous (water-based suspension) - recommended strengths up to 250mg/ml
  • Anhydrous (oil-based suspension) - recommended strengths up to 250mg/ml
  • Treats - recommended strengths up to 300mg per one gram treat.
  • Capsules - recommended strengths up to 600mg per capsules.

This information in our guide notes is independent of chemical. These notes/guidelines are derived from our staff veterinarians and pharmacist who have combined real experiences with patient compliance to innovate compounding medications. Our goal is to make compounding easier and quicker to prescribe. Our veterinarians are sending prescriptions instantly with the click of a button. Our pharmacies are receiving compounded prescriptions instantly.