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Frequently Asked Questions


What is VRx?

VRx or V-Scripts is a web-based software built to connect Veterinarians to Local Independent Compounding Pharmacies. VRx gives Veterinary Prescribers the option of conveniently sending prescriptions Electronically from their mobile phones, desktops, tablets etc.


Why Veterinarians use VRx?

Convenience. VRx Pharmacies are smaller independent pharmacies who are able to make contact with Pet owners right away and have compounded medications ready as soon as the same day for pick up or Local Delivery. Most Box Retail Pet Pharmacies have a 2–3-day processing time for prescriptions along with long shipping times and high shipping costs. Veterinarians know that their patients will get medications done quicker and with a more intimate
experience than with large out of state competitors.


Why do Pharmacies want to offer VRx?

As stated above VRx Pharmacies are smaller independent pharmacies, getting prescriptions sent over electronically from Veterinarians is much more convenient for both the Veterinarian and the Pharmacy. Our web-based system saves time on phone calls and also has a clear and user-friendly prescription template. This limits the mistakes and miscommunications that often happen when giving verbal phone prescriptions. Oh, and it’s Free.


Why Is VRx Pharmacy and Veterinary Account Free?

VRx offers accounts Free of charge because we want to be the solution and not the problem. We understand that Veterinarians need more resources in this area and while we are building solutions to support the Veterinary industry in this space, we want to help bring as much value to our service as possible. There will be a paying option for both the Veterinarian users and the Pharmacy users launched Early of 2023. This will be a VRx Pro service and will have Remarkable perks and benefits but will not be necessary to be part of the VRx community. VRx also offers an amazing Sponsorship program, Digital Content, VRx Courses and Merchandise as a way to keep our system growing.


Who Can Register for a V-Scripts Account?

Veterinarians must have a state license in good standing to have an active and Verified Account with VRx. For Pharmacies you must be Pharmacist in Charge or Pharmacy Manager and your Pharmacy must be State Licensed and in good standing. Pharmacies must also have adequate Veterinary compounding experience to have a verified account.


How long does it take to get an account Verified/Activated?

Most Veterinarian accounts can be activated within 24 hours. However, if you need to start using the VRx service right away you can give us a call @ 1-888-820-0362 and one of our friendly staff members will get the verification process done over the phone. Pharmacy accounts may take 1-2 business days to verify just because we will in some cases have to reach out to the Pharmacy Manager to better understand how much Veterinary experience a pharmacy has before moving forward.


What if my Account doesn’t get Verified/Activated?

This often means that there is some information missing and that we are unable to verify the account at the time. However, when this situation arises there will be an email sent to the email address submitted to get further information.