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How We Got Started

Our story started with a goal. We want to make it easier for Veterinary Prescribers by taking the hassle out of sending Veterinary Prescriptions to Compounding Pharmacies.

Veterinarians send Prescriptions to the Local Compounding Pharmacy of choice instantly with V-Scripts. No more Out-of-state Pharmacies, Long delivery windows, and expensive Shipping Charges.

Our highly skilled Veterinarians and Compounding Pharmacists from different practices all over the United States make us great.

V-Scripts Web-Based Software can:

  • Instantly Send Prescriptions to Pharmacies
  • Give guidance on compounded medication strengths and forms
  • Keep History of all Prescriptions
  • Guarantee every Prescription sent will be delivered

We are meeting our Goals every day.

Join us today as we help each other to help our pets.

“One prescription at a time."

Become a V-Scripts Pharmacy or Veterinarian Today!