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Indications/Uses: Pain

Oral Dosing (PO) Canine - Not Popular

Oral Dosing (PO) Feline - 0.01mg- 0.03mg/kg (transmucosal) 4-8hours (varies)


Popular Strengths-   0.3mg/ml (water base for absorption)


Popular Strengths: Not Popular


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Popular Strengths: Not Popluar


Popular Strengths: 0.3mg/0.1ml (Not popular)

Notes: Buprenorphine is administered to cats for pain treatment.

Experience: In the clinic/hospital, the brand, Buprenex was dispensed for cats after having surgeries/procedures.  We most time received orders to dispense the injectable to be given by mouth. We were taught this medication worked very well and was best if put into the cheek of the cat for mucosal absorption. In a compounding environment, suspensions are the way to go, and a H2O based suspension maybe absorbed better than an anhydrous based suspension.